The Downing of MH17 & Its Curious Convolutions

The Dutch investigation into  the  crash  of Malaysian  Airlines MH17 on 17th  July 2014 in  Eastern  Ukraine where  fighting between  “Russian-backed”  Eastern Ukrainian separatists and government forces was occurring , with  the death  of  all 298  passengers and crew,  has finally been  released.

The crash  followed the disappearance of another Malaysian  Airlines plane flight 370  over the Indian  ocean on 8th  March  2014:  again  with  all  passengers and crew lost-  a rather unusual  coincidence .

To  no-one’s surprise, the investigation has indicted 3 Russians and one Eastern Ukrainian,  who  will  be unlikely to  face the court because both  countries’  extradition laws would forbid  their extradition.

Several  hours before the investigation results were announced ,  the “independent” investigative online journalist  Bellingcat (according to  Wikipedia “Half of (Bellingcat’s)  funding comes from grants and donations, the other half from running workshops training people in the art of open-source investigations”,  released their more comprehensive list  of Russians supposedly involved in  hauling a BUK ground to  air launcher and targetting system across the Russian/Ukrainian  border,  shooting down  the civilian jet  and then  hauling it back  across into  Russian  territory. The reasons for going through  this elaborate process to  shoot down  a civilian  jet   with  Malaysian, Dutch  and Australian nationals on-board are not explored….

However the OffGuardian  notes that  Bellingcat’s funding is largely “from the Atlantic Council and the National Endowment for Democracy’-   institutions not known  for their pro-Russian,  let alone neutral  stance on  anything.  Bellingcat  is well-known for his  very dubious  statements  and ‘proof” of direct  Russian  involvement in  the Eastern Ukraine war, his curious MI6 related account of the Skripal poisonings (well-debunked by  Craig Murray),  and his  accusations of Syrian (Russian  supported)  SAA involvement in  gas attacks against   civilians,  recently  debunked by  leaked  reports from  the OPCW.

The U.K.  express noted  that  ‘Dutch investigators maintain there is photo and video evidence showing the BUK system used to shoot down the plane came from the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade, which is based in Kursk, western Russia.” As far as can be  ascertained,  this “photo  and video  evidence’  had been  provided to  the investigative team  by  Bellingcat’s  ‘independent’ journalists.

And, as The Saker notes; the list of these (four)  “suspects” can be randomly expanded, up to the country’s top brass. After all, in order to transfer the Buk across the border, a whole interdepartmental operation is necessary. It is possible to take it only from a military unit. And before this – the (Russian) Ministry of Defence. It has to move to the border along roads and through settlements. This means the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which such a movement has to be coordinated with.

And lastly, protecting the border is a prerogative of the FSB. It is clear that any officer of any of the listed departments will not take part in such an operation without the approval of the highest administration.

Well, and the heads themselves will not involve themselves in such complex and dangerous work without having coordinated it first with the Supreme Commander – the president.

While such   further accusations  will suit many in the Russophobe West-  they  simply do  not stack  up  as being  possible, plausible  or rational. For what  possible reason would the Russian  Government authorise the shooting down of a Malaysian  civilian  airliner over  disputed  Ukrainian territory ?

The Dutch   investigators  say the missile launcher  crossed the border from the  Kursk  Oblast,  Russia, into Eastern Ukraine, and returned after the aircraft had been brought down,  a one way  distance of approximately 130 kms. The BUK launcher would have travelled at  a maximum  speed of 65 km/hour.

Despite an all-Malaysian  crew,  and Malaysian passengers being the second largest  group  of nationals on  the plane, and the  owner of the airline ,  Malaysia (along with  Russia)  was denied access to  the plane’s black  boxes and other parts of the investigation,  while the Ukraine,  who  may  or may  not have been  the guilty party,  was allowed free access and the right to deny the public access to  any parts  of the information collected by  the investigative team.  A curious state of affairs.

Malaysia only supports some aspects of the investigative team’s conclusions, and describes the investigation as “politically motivated”

There is much  dispute online about the weapon  used to bring down  the plane, but the current evidence does seem  to  suggest  a Russian -made  BUK type  ground  to  air missile with  a fragmentation head.  The missile appears to  have  hit the plane  primarily in  the cockpit area,  causing catastrophic immediate damage  and immediate loss of  flight recording –  although   curiously little external  damage   aft of the cabin  until  the plane hit the ground and exploded. Russia  maintains the missile numbers found indicate that  it was an  early version of the BUK missile which  was likely owned by  Ukrainian government forces,  but the investigation states that  it was a recent BUK version only owned by  the Russians.

A very  curious state of affairs…



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Ignorance and Narrow-mindedness

As Lord Acton  noted: “There are two things which cannot be attacked in front: ignorance and narrow-mindedness. They can only be shaken by the simple development of the contrary qualities. They will not bear discussion”.

Having quoted that very  useful  piece of advice, it is also  useful  to  note that  ‘ignorance”  and ‘narrow-mindedness’  are comparative things.  We could also  quote that  epitome of evil  and narrowmindedness  Donald Rumsfield ,  ex-U.S.  Secretary of Defence: Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.[1].

What  we don’t know ,  we don’t know how to  find,  let alone know it when  we see it!. Our human  brains are re-wired from  birth to  only  see those things that  are acceptable and useful  at a given  moment in  time. Those things that  don’t fit our schema of the world   are ‘unsee-able” . Combine that  with homo sapiens’ endless proclivity for self-delusion, and we have  billions of animals wandering this planet in  a complex state of complete  ignorance;  all  with  the capacity to  kill and ‘de-humanise’ many of their  fellow   human  being  and destroy countless  other numbers of non-human  species. The most ‘wonderful’  extreme   example of that  delusion is the majority of the population of the United States  and its so-called ‘leaders”.

The  endless  cycle of myth-making  in  the United States starts with  the  hype  that  the United States was founded by  their  so-called “Founding Fathers’  to  espouse justice and freedom from oppression. In reality it was founded to  ensure that  those who  had money  in  the new American  colony  ,  retained and expanded that wealth. The genocide against  the indigenous population of  North  America and the  exploitation of black  people,  first  as slaves and then  as second class citizens, and the ongoing institutionalized process to  keep  poor people poor  with the  bare minimum of  state support,  puts the  lie to  those noble statements of the Founding Fathers.

Finian  Cunnginham’s elegant summary of the  United States’   brutal  colonial  policy  makes it clear that  the United States’ wealthy  have  never limited themselves  to extracting profit from  those less fortunate  in  their own populations,  but has conducted a centuries’ long endeavour to  extract  wealth  by  war and terror  from  any country   unable to  defend itself from  the United States’ predations.

We should note  however that  the United States is  simply emulating  its previous colonial  oppressor , “Great” Britain,  who  in  turn  emulated their European neighbours’  brutal  colonial  drives, and which  in  turn ,  go  back  to   the empires of Rome and beyond. Exploitation  and the brutalising  of those more vulnerable (and especially other species) appears to  be one of those characteristics of mankind  that  is contagious. For the sake of the planet ,  we now have to  eliminate that  contagion.

However, as Lord Acton noted,  confronting that  ignorance and narrow-mindedness will  not be the answer . To  ensure the survival  of this planet  we must   now work  to  build  a world that  makes it impossible for human  beings to  not only exploit each  other-  but to  exploit  other  living entities . For living things to  survive on  this planet, we must  all learn to  co-exist.

It is now very  fashionable to  talk  about George Orwell’s ‘1984’ promulgations  from the Oceania government  to its population that  ‘War is peace / freedom is slavery [and] ignorance is strength.” And it would appear  governments are  increasingly actively engaging in  this double -speak,  whether using terms such  as “fake news” to  undermine the capacity of people to  explore and understand the world, or  simply through   the  relentless pumping out  of  extreme banal “news” to  numb the population.

However it is important to  note, that  if we examine closely,  we can  see that  all  ideologies engage in  this double-speak. Ideologies destroy our direct  understanding of the world – our capacity as individual  human beings to  directly experience the joy  and sanctity of other living things,  of all  of our  glorious living world.







The Ship of Fools- The Extraordinary Incompetence of our ‘World Leaders”

As   United States  ‘ gunboats’  sail  into  the Persian  Gulf to  confront a completely imaginary  threat  from  Iran;  as we witness  UK politicians floundering to  come up  with  some deal  to  exit or not exit the EU,  and as we witness Vladimir Putin  and his  capitalist  Russian  entourage in  total  denial  about climate change; as we see literally crazed American  decision-makers like Marco Rubio,  John Bolton  and  Mike Pompeo  ( “We lied we cheated,  we stole” – and we murder and torture and commit genocide)

move inexorably forward to  a completely fictitious casi  belli  and  lethal  wars   in Venezuela  ( or anywhere else in  the world that  they  have  decided they  don’t like),  the world burns. (We are now at record-breaking levels of 415 carbon dioxide parts per million and accelerating)  The combined and inter-related  drivers of climate change and species loss are causing the world to  move ever faster to  environmental  breakdown.

Perhaps  having these very  stupid  psychopaths in  positions of  (human) power across the world  is Gaia’s way  of  ensuring that humanity  will  no  longer, in  a few very short years,  be able to  continue to  devastate the living world.

It is  then  more than a little disturbing to hear from  greatest of powerful  fools Donald Trump  that:

Under my Administration, we are restoring @NASA to greatness and we are going back to the Moon, then Mars. I am updating my budget to include an additional $1.6 billion so that we can return to Space in a BIG WAY!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 13, 2019

The United States has displayed  a woeful  and complete lack  of moral   and intellectual rectitude  for over a century on  this planet. Inflicting the United States  on  the rest of Universe to  plunder,  destroy and  murder ( assuming there are other living entities ‘out there” ) is not exactly good for the rest  of our Universe.

While it would appear that  Putin  has some modicum of intellect,  ( but with  a very  narrow focus of  Russian  nationalism  and capitalist  economics, and no  insight or long term  view of the  world’s  need for survival), its very  clear  every American  politician  and  policy  maker  with  any influence in  Washington has  such  a limited understanding of the world beyond America’s borders,  and such  a  distorted understanding of their barbaric violent  history, let alone an understanding of climate and species loss, as to  render any  rational  decision-making  impossible.  The extraordinary  ‘Russia-gate’  accusations and investigations have  unsurprisingly  not come up  with  any Russian  collusion or electoral  hacking  despite  the best  efforts of the American corporate media and politicians . Pure logic would have shown  that  it would be impossible to    sway  a sufficient  proportion of the  largely uneducated  American  public with  rational  arguments. The last  presidential  election choice between  a small   boy with   matches and a  psychopath did not leave the Russians with much  room to  maneuver!

And in China,  under General  Secretary Xi Jinping, the Belt and Road initiative is well  on its way  to  vastly increasing  consumerism  across Eurasia and  its resultant  environmental  depredations, and further despoliation of the remaining few natural  environments in Laos,  Burma and beyond with  railways,  roads,  dams and the  other usual  marks of human  “progress” .

It would thus  be  very helpful if a higher power could lock  away  those in Washington and their ‘Defence’  department,  along with  a few of those somewhat  less malignant cancers on  the planet, despoiling our planet  for  their own  safety and  the safety of  all  other living things on  this planet, for the rest  of their lives.

The world   has no  leadership  of anyone with  a modicum  of intellectual  or moral  rigor.  The human  race is  being  inexorably ‘lead’  by incompetent fools towards disaster. We have to  turn  away  from pushing the living world to  catastrophe. And make no  mistake;  a superficial  blaming of capitalism  for the world’s woes is not enough. Our depredations of the environment go  back  far further than  the 19th  century  Industrial  Revolution (although  the damage has been greatly exacerbated by  that revolution) .

Richard Attenborough  ably delineated the massive damage to  the Mediterranean  world by  Roman  and  other  ‘civilizations” in  destroying the natural  forests of the region, and changing the climate of the Mediterranean  world . Its  also likely that  pre-Roman  civilizations are also  largely responsible for the  almost total loss of forests and habitat in  North  Africa. We not only have to  remove capitalism  as a driver for  “progress’ –  we also  have to  instill  in  every  human  being an understanding that  we cannot survive without our fellow species-  that  all  life is sacred.-  and that human “progress”  is a  self-absorbed, self-perpetuating,  myth. All  human change has to be balanced against  the inevitable loss of species and habitat  to  other species-  and we can  no  longer afford that  species loss

As George Monbiot notes: A system based on perpetual growth cannot function without peripheries and externalities. There must always be an extraction zone, from which materials are taken without full payment, and a disposal zone, where costs are dumped in the form of waste and pollution. As the scale of economic activity increases, until capitalism affects everything from the atmosphere to the deep ocean floor, the entire planet becomes a sacrifice zone: we all inhabit the periphery of the profit-making machine.

We must  take action soon! 




“Death to Wikileaks”: the battle for truth

The recent Guardian article penned by  Luke Harding – of famed ‘the Russians are invading Ukraine with  a convoy of (mythical)  tanks”  and other anti-Russian hysteria,  and  co-author Dan Collyns,  alleges that  Paul  Manafort, U.S.  convicted felon and former Republican  campaign  chief for Donald Trump’s election campaign, met  and conspired with  Julian  Assange of Wikileaks  to  ensure Hilary  Clinton was not elected President.

The authors of the Guardian story, Dan Collyns and Luke Harding, were in Ecuador recently with Equadorian , Fernando Villavicencio, who ‘assisted’  with this story  and who they had previously worked  with on  other  evidence -free  stories. Villavicencio ( Fernando Villavicencio, oil exsindicalista refugee in the US)  has fabricated claims about people visiting Assange in the past. In May he claimed Farage visited Assange on 28 April  2009, a month after Ecuador initiated its 8 month-long isolation of Assange, banning phone calls, all visits and  internet. Assange’s isolation at  the Embassy coincided  with the  defeat of Ecuadorean president  Rafael  Correa to  U.S.  supporter Lenin Moreno. The Guardian article states ; based on  the allegations from  Villavicencio,  that Manafort entered the Equadorian  Embassy  in London  where Assange is currently in  refuge,  and spoke   to  Assange, on  several occasions.  But as  Craig Murray  notes ,  the Equadorian Embassy  security files,  let alone the London Police records,   strangely show no  evidence of such  meetings.  Embassy employees who were there during that entire time period  also say they never saw Manafort or heard of his visit.

Assange and Wikileaks; and also  separately,  Paul Manafort, are  now proposing legal  action  against  the Guardian.  Wikileaks is raising money here for their legal  appeal. In likely response to these legal  threats, the Guardian has now edited its original  story  to  soften  the tone  of the allegations.  See the edits here  at If both libel  actions are successful  against  the Guardian;  its capacity to   survive financially are questionable -as will be its reputation as a reputable news-source.  Why  then would the Guardian  take such  a risk? It is to be noted that  legal  libel proceeding costs in  the U.K.  can be up to  140  times the costs of similar proceedings in  Europe ( ironically this is a Guardian link) .

Wikileaks’ crime is not only that it did the unpardonable;  it published leaked   information that  accurately and truthfully described war  crimes committed by  both  the U.K. , the US and  other Western states,  but more importantly  Wikileaks also  has put into  question the very  lucrative financial  dealings of the City of London  and also the Maltese government.    Without these illegal   financial dealings,  (primarily via Russian ‘oligarchs’ who  have  fled Russia), it is possible  that  the City of London   and much of the British  economy,  could collapse.

These murky financial  dealings  intermesh  with   much of the  terrorist activities carried out by  Western (particularly U.S.) intelligence agencies  to  ensure  their corporate sponsors  retain  their supplies of cash regardless of the  impacts on  lives  and the local environment. South  American  right wing governments and  their military/intelligence agencies have played a key  role in  these activities –  hence the arrival  of the very  dubious Fernando Villavicencio and his timely allegations of  collusion between  Trump,  Assange and the Russians.

Jimmy Llama notes  many  convoluted links to  neo’liberal’  thinktanks,  shady  corporates and   U.S.   and other individuals    such  as Bill  Browder,  famed for instigating  the U.S. Magnitsky Act ( Russia  has now accused Browder of Magnitsky’s murder) and a key player in  the Russiagate allegations.

These allegations are one of many determined concerted media  efforts to  ensure that once  Assange is  no  longer under the protection of the Ecuadorian  London  Embassy,  there will  be limited public backlash   against  those governments responsible for his subsequent  deportation to  the U.S.  –  his show-trial and likely disappearance..

That  process is after all ,  standard practice  already by  the United States and others;  make allegations against  someone you don’t like or need ,  inform  the necessary  Western authorities,   and a  drone   can  eliminate any unnecessary  evidence forthwith.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks have indeed played a very dangerous game-  unmasking the  extremely brutal  and vicious  international  game of exploitation and greed by  those  in  positions of power  in  the name of “democracy and freedom”…


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The Death of Democracy

On the 7th  October 2018, Jair Bolsonaro, former paratrooper  captain  in the Brazilian  Army and publicly  evowed supporter of  military  dictatorship,  torture and murder,  was elected President of Brazil.

Bolsonaro,  a supposed Christian, and  hater of gays,  communists, leftists,  minorities (who  form  a majority of Brazil’s population) ,  environmentalists, and any one else who  disagrees with his puerile view of the world, vows to  create a Brazil  where ‘Brazil (is) Above Everything, God Above Everyone’. 

As Pepe Escobar notes; The record reveals Bolsonaro as a racist, misogynist, homophobic, weaponizing thug, favoring a white, patriarchal, hierarchical, hetero-normative and “homogenous” Brazil; an absurdity in a deeply unequal society still ravaged by the effects of slavery and where the majority of the population is mixed race.

Bolsonaro  demonstrably has very  limited intelligence and  psychopathic instincts, and yet  a majority of voters enthusiastically supported his election as president. How could that be? Fearful of  urban violence ,  political  and systemic corruption and economic failure,  they voted for a man  who, despite all  the evidence to  the contrary in his  career history,  promised economic stability and growth ,  safety and an  end to  corruption. Blaming the lack of those things on  the reds and all  who  opposed  him, seemed to  make perfect  sense to  a population  flooded with media messaging that  seemed to  confirm  those views.

America’s “New Scientist’  has recently  stated the sad truth  that  “Antagonism isn’t absolutely good or bad. Daniel Nettle speculated that all personality traits evolved to have trade-offs, and that’s why variation exists in personality. From an evolutionary perspective, agreeableness has both benefits (attention to mental states of others; harmonious interpersonal relationships, valued coalitional partnerships) as well as costs (subject to social cheating and exploitation; failure to maximize selfish advantage). Nevertheless, because of the existence of such wide variation in this trait, highly antagonistic leaders can arouse and influence wide swaths of people who score high in this trait through their rhetoric and messaging”.

The irony seems lost on his supporters that  Bolsonaro  as a true fascist  ( a supporter of extremist violence and corporate profit above all  things ),  is so  deeply imbedded in  military  corruption and has such an  extraordinarily  narrow fundamentalist view of the world that  Brazil could well  be headed for a nightmare world…

And yet,  as FAIR notes, the Western  financial  and conservative media  is  waxing enthusiastically about his election as a a great step  forward for the free market; and as Pepe Escobar notes,  a nail  in  the coffin of the independent BRICS global financial  market structure.

Bolsonaro’s supreme lack  of intellectual  capacity will  give him  the capacity  to  destroy – once and for all – the lifeblood of this planet ;  the Amazonian rainforests that  are truly the lungs of this earth,  and whose  indigenous guardians he has pledged to  destroy .

As the Guarani said recently: “If indigenous peoples become extinct and dead, the lives of all are threatened, for we are the guardians of nature. Without forest, without water, without rivers, there is no life, there is no way for any Brazilian to survive. We resisted 518 years ago, we fight in victory and defeat, our land is our mother. As long as the sun still shines, and while there is still fresh air under the shade of a tree, while there is still a river to bathe in, we will fight.”


Financial Press Cheers Election of Fascist in Brazil

The Strange Case of Sr. Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro- (or “The Legend’, as his supporters like to call  him)  -an ex  Brazilian Army Captain, is flying high in  the polls for the Brazilian Presidential  elections in  October.

He appears to be extending his lead over his major left-wing rival , who  replaced the  imprisoned ex President Lula on  the ballot list. Senator Bolsonaro  stands, he says,  for  economic stability and an end to  the corruption that  characterised the left wing governments of Lula and Rousseff, and their right wing successors  led by  President Temer.

The Brazilian  and international  media tend  to  describe Bolsonaro as a ‘firebrand’,  ‘misogynist’  or a  ‘far-right’  politician-  adjectives which do  nothing to  describe the brutal  reality of this pathetic little man.  Bolsonaro  has consistently informed the media and his supporters  that   he  is in  favour of mass-murder ( 30,000  deaths will  not be enough he says) ,  torture and  terrorising those political  opponents.-  a return to  the ‘good old days’  of the U.S.  supported Brazilian  military  dictatorships (1964-1985)  which  tortured and murdered  the left,  the poor ,  and the indigenous populations of Brazil, and enabled vast  tracts of Brazil  rainforests to be forever destroyed – all in  the name of  ‘economic stability’; ( which in reality means big business  giving  little ‘favours’  to  the military in  exchange for their  brutal  support).

Bolsonaro’s stream  of vicious and violent narratives are even, in the Latin American  press described as simply ‘outrageous”, rather than the obscene ravings of an  extremely damaged human  being. Bolsonaro in reality  exhibits all  the incoherent rage and ignorance of one who has been  systematically brutalised himself.

His tirades of threats and abuse  against  the left,   Brazilian LGBTIQ communities,  the poor,  the native American  populations,  Chinese business and  environmental  agencies,  are classical  examples of one who  has spent his entire life in  fear of that  which he cannot understand. His short  incoherent streams of angry  invective   characterise one who  has been brain  damaged;  whose only known response to  these perceived threats is to  lash  out with  brutality and anger.

In  a world where the remnants of the Brazilian rainforests-  the ‘lungs’  of our world;  may be the one thing which  sustains life on  this planet  for a little while longer, we now have the very  real potential  for this  supremely damaged man  to lead our world faster and deeper into  disaster.

In  a world where the wisdom  of the indigenous populations of South  America  may be the one thing that can lead us back  from  the brink of   global environmental  catastrophe;  we find Bolsonaro- the ultimate  symbol of the folly of mankind.


Read the fascinating account of Bolsonaro’s triumphant first  round lead in the Brazilian presidential  elections here and the role of the ultra-rightests in  world politics.

A very  detailed account of the rise of Jair Bolsonaro, and the fate of the major Brazilian political  parties over the past few decades here


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Western Hypocrisy & Genocide in Yemen

The  staggering level  of silence in  the Western media about the  genocide being committed by  Saudi Arabia and United Arab  Emirates in Yemen,  with  the full and active  military  support and coordination of the U.S.  and U.K.  militaries and arms manufacturers,  continues.

When  the situation is  briefly described in the mainstream  media,  we are told-  as though it is a plausible  reason for genocide –  that the Houthis are “Iran-backed”. How exactly Iranian  weapons are being supplied across the Straits of Hormuz through  heavily blockaded Yemen ports  and ships being searched by  armed NATO vessels in  the Gulf;  is not quite explained. Nor is it clarified that in  fact  the Houthi  rebel  faction is in  fact a Sunni  sect ,  not the Iranian Shi-ite sect of Mohammedism. (Note other internet information describes the Houthi sect as a  Zaidi Shi-ite ‘non-twelver’ sect,  and thus also  dissimilar to  Iranian Shi-ite beliefs). However a  key distinguishing feature of  Houthi beliefs, is their rejection of the  extremist Wahhabist Sunni  doctrines espoused by the Saudi  Arabia dictatorship.

So,  while the US  and UK air commands coordinate and provide in flight fueling for  the Saudi  bombing runs  against largely civilian targets,  which has  resulted in likely up  to 10,000  deaths. As Mahamad Bazzi  noted in  the Guardian on 11th  June 2018,  The war has killed at least 10,000 Yemenis ( U.N. estimate from January 2017) and left more than 22 million people –three-quarters of Yemen’s population – in need of humanitarian aid

What is demonstrated in  bloody clarity,  is the U.S.  and U.K ; supposed paragons of democracy  and freedom, behaving without morals , ethics, human decency or basic human compassion for Yemenese lives,  solely in the interests of money. Cash for armaments,  cash for supporting the corrupt  dictatorship  in  Saudi  Arabia and access to  Saudi  oil ; and cash  from  Israeli sympathisers  to  ensure their brutal  occupation  and theft  of Palestinian land  is able to continue indefinitely.  Any action  that  apparently reduces the  power and influence  of Israel’s great  nemesis, Iran,  is something to  be supported!


Houthi Drone Targets Saudi Coalition Military HQ

The Houthis and War in Yemen


No flies in Syria

The recent cruise missile attack  by  the U.S.  and its allies the U.K.  and France ( former colonial exploiters  in  the region) raises some interesting dilemmas for Western  military planners .

If we are to believe the Russian military  assessment of the strike, 71 of the of 103 cruise missiles  were brought down  by  Syrian  air defence systems,  particular via the Russian made Pantsir surface-to-air missile  systems.

While the United States and its two allies have claimed that  the missile  attack  was in  response to  their espoused  view that there had been  a gas attack  by  the Assad military in Douma against  the  civilians trapped there, the evidence seems to  suggest  that  this attack was aimed at  eliminating the air support threat  from  the Syrian  Air Force for the jihadists those 3  Western governments have been extensively supporting since the start  of the war to  overthrow the Assad regime.

Having failed in  their bid to  convince the United Nations of a ‘no-fly’ zone in  Syria  on  multiple occasions ( ie elimination of Syrian  government aircraft from the skies above rebel-held territory) ; the use of a chemical  weapons attack  as a pretext  for bombing airfields  has become the next  best  option. Using  The American   government  ( and Muslim Brotherhood)  funded Syrian American Medical  Society (SAMS),  and the largely British intelligence funded and managed White Helmets to  produce videos purporting to  show a chemical  weapons attack  in  Douma, Western media has been united in  showing moral  outrage at  ‘animal Assad’s” killing of his own people, and baying for more attacks on the Syrian military.

The apparent logic given  by  Western media and politicians  for ‘animal Assad”  to  drop  barrel  bombs filed with   toxic chemicals on  the people of   Douma was to demonstrate that there was no  hope for the rebels there and they  should surrender. According to  this logic, it was worth  the risk of a repeat of the previous cruise missile attacks  ordered by  President Trump  last  year  for the Assad regime to drop a few barrels of toxic chemicals on  Douma  to  dislodge the few remaining  “rebels’  there who  were already negotiating an  exit  with the Syrian government from the enclave . One assumes those politicians and the Western media think  their publics are very  very  stupid….Unfortunately for Western intelligence, the overrunning of the last  of the rebel enclaves in Ghouta  and their departure in  buses to  Idlib came far sooner than they expected,  allowing the Syrians and Russians and journalists like the respected British Robert Fisk, to enter the area where the supposed gas attack  had occurred and interview civilians and medics there .

One finds it strange that  neither Western media nor their governments have bayed for large cruise missile attacks on the Al  Qaeda affiliate Al Nusra,  or ISIS, or any  of the other  head-choppers supported by  Gulf and Western states. And that in  fact there have been no  reported cruise missile attacks by  Western countries on ISIS throughout this entire war. How could this be  one wonders?

The chemical  weapons scam is largely similar to  the earlier and still  ongoing farce  in  the Western media about Assad’s “barrel bombs”. “Barrel  bombs’  are nothing but impromptu explosives packed in   drums  and  dropped from government helicopters and  fixed wing aircraft. They  are in  fact, unguided ordinance, which the majority  of the  aerial  weapons  at play  in Syria by  the United States and its allies,  as well as the Russians and the Syrian government, are. But  we are somehow expected to  believe that  packing  munitions into  oil  drums and dropping them  on  targets creates   far worse  dangers,  chaos, injury  and death   than those caused by  other unguided munitions. But again  the ‘barrel  bomb’  farce is one more attempt by  the Western  media and politicians to  remove the threat  to their tunnel  based jihadists from  aerial  warfare of any kind. If the Syrian airforce can be removed and then  the Russian airforce, then  ISIS and the other Al  Qaeda affiliates and salafists out to  exterminate all  Christians , Allawites, Shi-ites and other non  fundamentalist  Sunni sects in Syria, will  have a much free-er hand on the ground.

Despite American  denials, it would appear that in  fact  the  vast majority of the cruise missiles were therefore  aimed at  Syrian  airfields, rather than the alleged chemical  weapons storage and production facilities ( which had been vetted by  the OPCW as ‘clean’  just  last  October 2017). The Syrian and Russians had in  fact deployed most of their more effective anti-missile stations around those airfields; and if they  are to believed,   destroyed the vast  majority of the incoming missiles at  those airfields. There is some speculation that  Russian  electromagnetic interference jamming   systems may have played a part in  the incoming missiles’ lack  of effectiveness,  but that  cant be confirmed as yet.

It would appear  that  the Americans ,French  and British  are relying on  their NATO fellow members of the OPCW to  influence  the public statements of the OPCW in  regards to the alleged Douma gas attack , whilst acknowledging that the inspectors themselves will  draw their own conclusions which  they  can not publicly release as OPCW staff ( but will  likely leak  to  the public or Wikileaks if they  do  not coincide with the political narrative) .  Note that  the most recent media release by  the OPCW on  their survey  of the Dhouma site in Syria states that  On arrival at Site 1, a large crowd gathered and the advice provided by the UNDSS was that the reconnaissance team should withdraw. At Site 2, the team came under small arms fire and an explosive was detonated. The reconnaissance team returned to Damascus. “

Very clearly, the battle to partition Syria by  the West and its Gulf allies using jihadists is far from over.

But -as in  previous unilateral totally illegal strikes  ( ie not approved by  the U.N. Security Council) by  Western governments on  states that do   not comply with the Western political  and economic agenda , this latest missile attack  provides ample rationale  to  China, as the upcoming dominant global  power,  that  missile   strikes on  countries who  do  not acquiesce to its political  and economic agenda, are a completely legitimate response, in  the future.

It  may not be too  long before China’s aircraft  carrier armada are patrolling the seas off  the United States, the U.K and France..



A more detailed assessment of the cruise missile numbers and targets from  Joe Quinn at


Robert Fisk’s Douma Report Rips Away Excuses for Air Strike on Syria

America First – R.I.P.

The Essential Alternative to Animal Slaughter

Freezing works” (ie slaughter house ) in New Zealand; from

A recent front page article in  my local New Zealand newspaper disparaging   the future on  non meat based proteins, prompted  me to  respond.

In  2016 New Zealand mercilessly slaughtered 28,387,595 lambs,  adult sheep,  calves,  adult steers and cows,  pigs,  and goats; with young lambs totalling over  18 million of those deaths. Two of the major “meat companies’  in  New Zealand respectively  had an income from  those deaths of  just over $10 million  and $17 million. Animals  are indoctrinated to  become used to being shifted from  pasture to  pasture with  dogs and men on  farm  bikes;  and then , when  the  killing season  starts, are herded into  tightly packed   fenced areas and  forced onto   truck  and trailer units  for the long tortuous drive to  the ‘meatworks’. notes that  ‘in 2009 there were about 80 meat-processing plants in New Zealand, employing about 26,500 people and exporting to about 150 countries.’

A recent article in  the New York Times noted a research study  where sheep  were able to  distinguish  between the faces of different humans;-  hardly a surprise to most of us who  have emotional  connections to  our pets, but obviously so  to the scientists. ( )
What it therefore correspondingly tells us  is that  those millions of  sheep   and other animals  we kill for fun  and profit every year  in New Zealand  who  are  transported to  the killing fields of the abattoirs around New Zealand and then  savagely killed and cut up; are very well  aware of the  pure terror they  and their  fellow beings  have to  endure before they die and are consumed for pleasure by  humans..

There is  undeniable scientific evidence that  humankind’s reliance on meat  production has  contributed significantly to the  vast loss of species habitat  across the world ( and particularly so in New Zealand ) ,which will  if not checked in  the near future, along with its impact  on  climate change,  lead to  the destruction of all  life on this planet.

The other ‘unfortunate truth’  is that  there is irrefutable evidence that  every  new element of human ‘progress’  results in  the destruction of more and more species on this planet-  species which  which  humans are in direct  connection for our mutual  survivability.

Look  around,  almost every  aspect of what  we call  ‘progress’  is  our relentless transfer of the living and vibrant to  the inanimate-  the concrete, the tar,   the electronics, the cut down  trees…….we are inexorably deadening the planet  with our ‘progress”.

In addition recent studies of insect  populations  in Europe reveal  rapid declines in  flying insects likely due to  monoculture, deforestation and  insecticides. Without insects,  we all  die ;  rapidly

Consequently we have no  choice as a species than  to give up  killing our fellow species for protein and profit   and begin  to  live a more sustainable and humane  life-  and we have to make that change very  soon!


The Nonhuman Rights Project

Dance of the Macabre

We are now treated to the spectacle of President Trump  dancing a sword dance with  Saudi  princes after signing  a multi  billion dollar arms deal  with  the Saudi  regime..
We  have indisputable evidence that  the Saudis and Qataris are not only funding training and even  providing  jihadist manpower to  terrorists in  the Middle East  ( including both  Al Qaeda and ISIS), but that  the Saudi  regime is also  the sole source of the Wahhabist  ideology  that drives foolish young men to commit terrorist crimes,  both in the West  and as  jihadist  mercenaries in  the Middle East.
We know also  that  Britain  (remember Lawrence of Arabia) and now the United States, have continued to  prop  up  this brutal  sectarian and misogynist regime on the Arabian  peninsula for the past 100  years,  because it serves their interest  to do  so. Interests that include  oil of course and the sale of superfluous  armaments , but also  the capacity to combat  those states in  the Middle East  who  do  not bow down  to  Western interests;  eg Iraq, Libya, Syria,  and the ultimate prize,  Iran.
Thus, as academic Christopher Davidson  meticulously records in  his 2016 book, “The Shadow Wars”; ongoing U.K.  and U.S.  support for the Saudi regime and its terrorist activities is very  much in  their interests.
For how much longer will  this macabre dance continue?