The ‘Exceptional Nation’ Votes!

With  the U.S.  presidential  election ( as of 6th  November 2020) , hanging in the balance, we are reminded  of the extraordinary and bizarre process  this purportedly ‘exceptional  nation’   has to  find its new exceptional  ‘president of the free world’.

Not only do  United States citizens  only have a binary  choice between  two  right wing corrupt elderly white males, but the process of the election  itself is deeply flawed.

Not only does the U.S.  Electoral  College process mean that  the majority of voters may or may not have the president of their very limited choice ( No Green candidates,  no  left-wing candidates – only the candidates of the monied),  but each  state’s electoral  process  for counting and accepting votes is different and open to  manipulation from  both major party supporters (and legal  challenge).  It is extraordinary  that the  federal  election of  the U.S.  president and Congress does not have  one national  federal  electoral  process  that everyone can understand.

Democrat Governor Kristi Noem
Democrat Governor Kristi Noem
Democrat Governor Kristi Noem of South  Dakota tweets (11/06/20) ‘South Dakota requires voter ID (even for early voting.) Ballots must be received on or by Election Day. All paper ballots, which are easy to verify. Counting is bipartisan and open to the public. We have an EXCELLENT system. Every Democrat-run state should imitate it’
What is truly bizarre from this tweet, is not only that  its  seems to  be surprising to  Americans  to have ballot papers being ‘easy to verify’;  that votes are counted by ‘bi-partisan’   vote -counters-(not independent vote counters),  that  each state clearly has its own system  for verifying the validity of voters, and that  the  type of electoral  processing system  will  depend on  which  party is in  control  of the state legislature.

Even  more amazingly,  the process by  which  each  state has a declared winner for president is determined,  not by  a federal national   election office,  but by  private  national  media outlets like Fox News, or AP.   Hence,  as of 6th  November, we have different  national  figures  reported  of Electoral  Office delegate totals for Trump  or Biden depending on  which  media outlet is making the call. IN  addition the complexities of the Electoral College process mean  more opportunities for confusion and leverage.

Jo  Biden however   can assure us though  (6th November 2020) that the  American  voting system is  ‘the envy of the world’.  ‘Democracy is sometimes messy. It sometimes requires a little patience as well. But that patience has been rewarded now for more than 240 years with a system of governance that has been the envy of the world.’ !!!

As a country  which purports to be the model of democracy for the rest of the world, and which  continually makes calls about other countries ‘lack of democracy’, it is time to  consider whether future US presidential  elections require independent foreign observers  to ensure their fairness and accuracy.

Combine this bizarre electoral process with  extraordinary  levels of ignorance  and a consequent monochrome view of their own  U.S.  world,  let alone the outside world; by both  candidates  and electors, and you have a recipe  for disaster.

The level of systemic incompetence demonstrated by  this electoral  system  to  elect the “leader of the free world” is a salutary lesson  to us all.

And lastly; a sobering  outline of America’s future,  from Jonathan Cook.

ELECTION 2020: ‘Sleepy Joe’s’ Task Is to Put Liberal America Back to Sleep


Trump’s “baseless” fraud claims

My definition of  of ‘baseless’  in this instance,  is that  there is no  basis for claim  election fraud took  place- and yet media outlets across the Western  world are using this word  to describe Trump  and the Republicans’  allegations of voter fraud. Now unless the media has got total  access to  all  the votes and each  state’s  practices on  election night-  which seems a little unlikely-  they have no  means of knowing whether the allegations are ‘baseless”  or not,  till courts make a ruling.

As noted in  my post above-  there is certainly plenty of opportunity for fraud and errors in  polling practice in  the U.S. Whether the fraud and errors this time are sufficient to overturn the current presumed Biden presidency, is currently unknown.

So  why  would mainstream media ,  with one voice, be saying the allegations are “baseless” at  this point? I’ll  leave you to figure that one out….


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