Logo of the Second International Congress of Eugenics, 1921.

Ukraine and the NeoNazis

The conflict in Ukraine grinds on. The recent talks in Istanbul between Ukrainian Kiev representatives and the Russians indicated some small steps to a peaceful settlement. However the largest stumbling block in the long-term (aside from further American military involvement in Ukraine after the war ends), is the de-nazification of Ukraine. While Western media frequently … Continue reading “Ukraine and the NeoNazis”


If it weren’t for the fact that people are dying in Ukraine and livelihoods and other living things destroyed, and potentially many more may die in other countries , this would be a comedy Tyler Durden and CJ Hopkins at Zerohedge outline just some of the absurdities in their beautifully satirical and comprehensive analysis of … Continue reading “Tragicomedy”

New Zealand Increasingly Sucked into Vortex of U.S. Empire under Fake Progressive Leadership of Jacinda Ardern- Murray Horton

(The following article is re-produced here with the permission of the author; Murray Horton, and the original publisher, Covert Action Magazine at ) Pro-imperial thrust governed by decades-long membership in the Five Eyes, an electronic spying agreement between the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It has become apparent that New Zealand is … Continue reading “New Zealand Increasingly Sucked into Vortex of U.S. Empire under Fake Progressive Leadership of Jacinda Ardern- Murray Horton”

Gaia Strikes Back!

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and the subsequent explosion of sanctions on Russian oil and natural gas, wheat and other products by Western nations, is likely to result in a substantial long-term economic downturn in both the West and Russia because of rapidly escalating oil, natural gas and nickel and paladium prices, … Continue reading “Gaia Strikes Back!”

The Tragedy of Ukraine

The war launched by the Russian Federation against Ukraine yesterday is a tragedy. All war is not only ultimately futile in achieving the aggressor’s stated objectives but is a tragedy for all those impacted by that war. Russia’s actions should be condemned and an immediate halt to that aggression called for. Russia believes, like all … Continue reading “The Tragedy of Ukraine”

A War in Ukraine?- Again?

Kiev officials continue to describe the Donbass separatists as “terrorists’ even while the Kiev administration has signed up to negotiating with separatists as part of the Normandy and Minsk agreements – but has never actioned that agreement . Defining the separatists as ‘terrorists’ makes it virtually impossible for Kiev to negotiate anything with them. Kiev … Continue reading “A War in Ukraine?- Again?”


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