About NewAntarctica

About NewAntarctica

NewAntarctica  outlines  issues and  concerns from  the perspective of the underdog, and the promise of  a  return  to a sustainable and peaceful planet; where all  sentient beings are respected and valued as equal, and every human is practically grounded with  the earth  and the living entities around them.

Paul  Martin,  based in  New Zealand, and with  a long standing interest  and involvement in  perspectives and actions which  help to  shape our planetary views  in  positive ways,  is the principal  author/editor of posts and articles on  this website.

With  a long background in  community development and not for profits who  try  to  make a difference for the marginalised in  society,  these blog posts are my way of raising awareness and provoking ideas and debate, so  all  of us sentient beings on  this blue ball get to  have  a more fulfilled and peaceful  existence while we’re here.

See my previous  website at  http://antarctica.phpnet.us/news.php -last edited in  March  2013

If you have a  burning issue that  you’d like me to  explore and research in  one of my blogs, I’d love to hear from  you!

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