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New Zealand and the War in Ukraine

In response to the New Zealand government’s decision to send troops to Europe to support NATO, I drafted the following letter to the editor of my local paper Dear Sir I would appreciate if you could publish the following letter ‘Supporting’ Ukraine While any invasion of another country is deplorable and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine … Continue reading “New Zealand and the War in Ukraine”

Logo of the Second International Congress of Eugenics, 1921.

Ukraine and the NeoNazis

The conflict in Ukraine grinds on. The recent talks in Istanbul between Ukrainian Kiev representatives and the Russians indicated some small steps to a peaceful settlement. However the largest stumbling block in the long-term (aside from further American military involvement in Ukraine after the war ends), is the de-nazification of Ukraine. While Western media frequently … Continue reading “Ukraine and the NeoNazis”

Irises in the water

What’s left of Our World

While Russia and the United States fight it out by proxy in Ukraine for the spoils of war, or the 70+ year old war against Palestine and the war in Yemen to name just a few, the world continues, at an ever faster rate, to descend into climate and natural disintegration. This is not to … Continue reading “What’s left of Our World”