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The Leaf in the Concrete Pool

The unraveling of the web of life

A U.K.  February  2021 report by Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta,  entitled ‘The Economics of Biodiversity’ outlines the ‘extreme risk’ the ‘world’, is being put by  not taking into  account the  ‘rapid depletion of the natural  world’. While the overarching intent of the paper is to  be applauded in attempting to  reduce species loss,  the underlying … Continue reading “The unraveling of the web of life”

Scrooge McDuck's Swimming Pool

The Capitol Invasion

What  are we to  make, from  across the sea, of Trump  supporters   invading the U.S.  Capitol  building while Congress members  were voting to  install Joe Biden  as the next president of the United States? Is this ‘insurrection’?-  a new civil  war?  a ‘revolution’?… In the mind-numbing complexities and anomalies  that  is American ‘democracy’, this new … Continue reading “The Capitol Invasion”

Recognising the Environmental Impact of Consumption

Tena koutou While the NZ Government’s decision to  declare a climate emergency  in New Zealand is to be applauded-  currently there appear few mechanisms  to   achieve a carbon-neutral  government by  2025. Prime Minister Jacinda Adern’s touted response to  have all  government vehicles  electric,  is a case in  point of the contradictions in  environmental  policy. There … Continue reading “Recognising the Environmental Impact of Consumption”