The Ship of Fools- The Extraordinary Incompetence of our ‘World Leaders”

As   United States  ‘ gunboats’  sail  into  the Persian  Gulf to  confront a completely imaginary  threat  from  Iran;  as we witness  UK politicians floundering to  come up  with  some deal  to  exit or not exit the EU,  and as we witness Vladimir Putin  and his  capitalist  Russian  entourage in  total  denial  about climate change; as we see literally crazed American  decision-makers like Marco Rubio,  John Bolton  and  Mike Pompeo  ( “We lied we cheated,  we stole” – and we murder and torture and commit genocide)

move inexorably forward to  a completely fictitious casi  belli  and  lethal  wars   in Venezuela  ( or anywhere else in  the world that  they  have  decided they  don’t like),  the world burns. (We are now at record-breaking levels of 415 carbon dioxide parts per million and accelerating)  The combined and inter-related  drivers of climate change and species loss are causing the world to  move ever faster to  environmental  breakdown.

Perhaps  having these very  stupid  psychopaths in  positions of  (human) power across the world  is Gaia’s way  of  ensuring that humanity  will  no  longer, in  a few very short years,  be able to  continue to  devastate the living world.

It is  then  more than a little disturbing to hear from  greatest of powerful  fools Donald Trump  that:

Under my Administration, we are restoring @NASA to greatness and we are going back to the Moon, then Mars. I am updating my budget to include an additional $1.6 billion so that we can return to Space in a BIG WAY!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 13, 2019

The United States has displayed  a woeful  and complete lack  of moral   and intellectual rectitude  for over a century on  this planet. Inflicting the United States  on  the rest of Universe to  plunder,  destroy and  murder ( assuming there are other living entities ‘out there” ) is not exactly good for the rest  of our Universe.

While it would appear that  Putin  has some modicum of intellect,  ( but with  a very  narrow focus of  Russian  nationalism  and capitalist  economics, and no  insight or long term  view of the  world’s  need for survival), its very  clear  every American  politician  and  policy  maker  with  any influence in  Washington has  such  a limited understanding of the world beyond America’s borders,  and such  a  distorted understanding of their barbaric violent  history, let alone an understanding of climate and species loss, as to  render any  rational  decision-making  impossible.  The extraordinary  ‘Russia-gate’  accusations and investigations have  unsurprisingly  not come up  with  any Russian  collusion or electoral  hacking  despite  the best  efforts of the American corporate media and politicians . Pure logic would have shown  that  it would be impossible to    sway  a sufficient  proportion of the  largely uneducated  American  public with  rational  arguments. The last  presidential  election choice between  a small   boy with   matches and a  psychopath did not leave the Russians with much  room to  maneuver!

And in China,  under General  Secretary Xi Jinping, the Belt and Road initiative is well  on its way  to  vastly increasing  consumerism  across Eurasia and  its resultant  environmental  depredations, and further despoliation of the remaining few natural  environments in Laos,  Burma and beyond with  railways,  roads,  dams and the  other usual  marks of human  “progress” .

It would thus  be  very helpful if a higher power could lock  away  those in Washington and their ‘Defence’  department,  along with  a few of those somewhat  less malignant cancers on  the planet, despoiling our planet  for  their own  safety and  the safety of  all  other living things on  this planet, for the rest  of their lives.

The world   has no  leadership  of anyone with  a modicum  of intellectual  or moral  rigor.  The human  race is  being  inexorably ‘lead’  by incompetent fools towards disaster. We have to  turn  away  from pushing the living world to  catastrophe. And make no  mistake;  a superficial  blaming of capitalism  for the world’s woes is not enough. Our depredations of the environment go  back  far further than  the 19th  century  Industrial  Revolution (although  the damage has been greatly exacerbated by  that revolution) .

Richard Attenborough  ably delineated the massive damage to  the Mediterranean  world by  Roman  and  other  ‘civilizations” in  destroying the natural  forests of the region, and changing the climate of the Mediterranean  world . Its  also likely that  pre-Roman  civilizations are also  largely responsible for the  almost total loss of forests and habitat in  North  Africa. We not only have to  remove capitalism  as a driver for  “progress’ –  we also  have to  instill  in  every  human  being an understanding that  we cannot survive without our fellow species-  that  all  life is sacred.-  and that human “progress”  is a  self-absorbed, self-perpetuating,  myth. All  human change has to be balanced against  the inevitable loss of species and habitat  to  other species-  and we can  no  longer afford that  species loss

As George Monbiot notes: A system based on perpetual growth cannot function without peripheries and externalities. There must always be an extraction zone, from which materials are taken without full payment, and a disposal zone, where costs are dumped in the form of waste and pollution. As the scale of economic activity increases, until capitalism affects everything from the atmosphere to the deep ocean floor, the entire planet becomes a sacrifice zone: we all inhabit the periphery of the profit-making machine.

We must  take action soon! 




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