The Death of Democracy

On the 7th  October 2018, Jair Bolsonaro, former paratrooper  captain  in the Brazilian  Army and publicly  evowed supporter of  military  dictatorship,  torture and murder,  was elected President of Brazil.

Bolsonaro,  a supposed Christian, and  hater of gays,  communists, leftists,  minorities (who  form  a majority of Brazil’s population) ,  environmentalists, and any one else who  disagrees with his puerile view of the world, vows to  create a Brazil  where ‘Brazil (is) Above Everything, God Above Everyone’. 

As Pepe Escobar notes; The record reveals Bolsonaro as a racist, misogynist, homophobic, weaponizing thug, favoring a white, patriarchal, hierarchical, hetero-normative and “homogenous” Brazil; an absurdity in a deeply unequal society still ravaged by the effects of slavery and where the majority of the population is mixed race.

Bolsonaro  demonstrably has very  limited intelligence and  psychopathic instincts, and yet  a majority of voters enthusiastically supported his election as president. How could that be? Fearful of  urban violence ,  political  and systemic corruption and economic failure,  they voted for a man  who, despite all  the evidence to  the contrary in his  career history,  promised economic stability and growth ,  safety and an  end to  corruption. Blaming the lack of those things on  the reds and all  who  opposed  him, seemed to  make perfect  sense to  a population  flooded with media messaging that  seemed to  confirm  those views.

America’s “New Scientist’  has recently  stated the sad truth  that  “Antagonism isn’t absolutely good or bad. Daniel Nettle speculated that all personality traits evolved to have trade-offs, and that’s why variation exists in personality. From an evolutionary perspective, agreeableness has both benefits (attention to mental states of others; harmonious interpersonal relationships, valued coalitional partnerships) as well as costs (subject to social cheating and exploitation; failure to maximize selfish advantage). Nevertheless, because of the existence of such wide variation in this trait, highly antagonistic leaders can arouse and influence wide swaths of people who score high in this trait through their rhetoric and messaging”.

The irony seems lost on his supporters that  Bolsonaro  as a true fascist  ( a supporter of extremist violence and corporate profit above all  things ),  is so  deeply imbedded in  military  corruption and has such an  extraordinarily  narrow fundamentalist view of the world that  Brazil could well  be headed for a nightmare world…

And yet,  as FAIR notes, the Western  financial  and conservative media  is  waxing enthusiastically about his election as a a great step  forward for the free market; and as Pepe Escobar notes,  a nail  in  the coffin of the independent BRICS global financial  market structure.

Bolsonaro’s supreme lack  of intellectual  capacity will  give him  the capacity  to  destroy – once and for all – the lifeblood of this planet ;  the Amazonian rainforests that  are truly the lungs of this earth,  and whose  indigenous guardians he has pledged to  destroy .

As the Guarani said recently: “If indigenous peoples become extinct and dead, the lives of all are threatened, for we are the guardians of nature. Without forest, without water, without rivers, there is no life, there is no way for any Brazilian to survive. We resisted 518 years ago, we fight in victory and defeat, our land is our mother. As long as the sun still shines, and while there is still fresh air under the shade of a tree, while there is still a river to bathe in, we will fight.”


Financial Press Cheers Election of Fascist in Brazil

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