We are all Immigrants

This post is prompted by  a comment on  Facebook  saying (paraphrasing); those who are truly English or Scottish should stop allowing new immigrants into “our”  country (the UK).

I am reminded that I too am  an immigrant,; some of my family immigrated to these southern isles  from far-off England and Scotland more than 150  years ago, but I am in  native Maori terms,  still not tangata whenua (people of the land).

Should we all then return to our “homelands”,  wherever they may be?  My guess is that  there would be none of the   current population of people living in  the United Kingdom , much of Europe and almost none in the United States if that  was the case. The reality is that  homo sapiens have always been wanderers, moving from place to place, from continent to continent, island to island, since we first walked on our hind legs.

Our little world
                     Our little world


These  borders that define the countries of the world, the pretty colours on the globe of the world, are simply fictional; defined for those who  need to collect  taxes,  define what  is “right” and “proper”, or control others in  so many  ingenious ways.

Don’t get me wrong, any Illuminati, Bilderberg  Group , or other global  world conspiracies, real or otherwise, are fortunately doomed to fail.  The incompetence, venality and sheer  stupidity of those who  attempt ultimate power is a salutary lesson to  the species.

But, when it comes down  to it; we are all just  visitors on  this little blue ball.  Lets all look after it-together.



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